Studio Art in 2025

One can only speculate what the relationship between art and technology will look like in the future, but one cannot deny that technology will have an influence in the studio, both in academia and in private studios. Granted, this relationship and overlap of art and technology is already in present, but the inquiry is one of to what extent.

Looking at notable artists like ceramic artists like John Balistreri who is most known for his large-scale ceramic sculptures one sees an emergence of art in technology and technology in art in process in real time. While his background is the studio arts of ceramics and ceramic sculpture, he also pursues investigations in the areas of art and emerging technology and how modern advancing technology can be used to make art today. One can refer to his site to gather a sense of this integration, but in short, and in respect, his digital ceramic work uses modern technology, essentially a printer that prints objects that have been designed in computer software, and prints three-dimensional objects. Quite profound if you think about it and/or have any experience in the clay arts and the steps involved in making the clay, making an object, firing, glazing, firing again,… If one can use emerging technology to create objects that represent objects made today, imagine what emerging technology can allow one to make in the future.

I mean, is there anything of value in using emerging technology? Does emerging technology open up a new area of artistic exploration? Can emerging technology allow one to make artwork that cannot be done by the human hand, or human mind for that matter?

Time will tell. And I for one cannot wait to see what the studio arts will look like in 2025.

I also imagine should artists like Michelangelo have had technology like we have today they would have made a million more works! Here’s a time lapsed video from Youtube that shows a process of the future.

-Robert Alsobrook


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