Aesthetic Experiential Sciences: Walking Stick Series (cont’d)

Experience. What is it? What do we hope to gain from so called good experiences? Said good experiences is a product of consumerism isn’t it? Ever enter a drawing to win a really nice vehicle? What a good experience it would be to win right? Well, I entered one over Christmas in a mall during our visit back in the U.S. during Christmas and I received a phone call on my Skype number yesterday to inform me my name had been drawn for a free trip to Jamaica. 

Not really the experience I was hoping for but I’ll take it, possibly. I learned the business displaying the vehicle wasn’t a dealership but rather a travel agency. Guess I better start reading the fine print huh? They are hoping to provide me, allegedly, with a good experience so I will use them when we plan vacations in the future. For their sake, I hope they don’t rely on credit card numbers because my family and I only use cash.

Walking Stick is a study on orchestrating subtle, or rather, good aesthetic experiences and paradoxes by situating a cast iron stick in settings both complimentary and out of context as a way to represent that despite ones philosophy, we all desire beauty and typically pursue it via aesthetic experience as a means of attaining some degree of fulfillment beyond routines we bound ourselves by.

Stick & Stone Alone In A Cold Communist Country

Stick & Stone Sitting Along Lead Based Painted Wall For Whose Sake?

Sometimes Things Work Out Better When They Are Turned Upside Down

The Power Of Placebo 


Aesthetic Experiential Sciences: Walking Stick Series

Why is that guy walking around with a stick?

Have you ever meditated on the intricate details of everyday objects such as those found in nature?

As the world gets increasingly separated from nature via urbanization and city development, we lose sight and touch of something greater and beyond ourselves.

While we might look at a skyscraper and think, “amazing,” there is nothing man has made that is as detailed as what God has made. Just take a look at a stick.

(cast iron stick, 15″ long)



Modern Feminism

Aired on BBC Newsnight, this performance was articulated as being “irreverent feminism.”

I understand art makes a statement, which gives “creative license” to manifest one’s concept in any number of ways, but look, modernism, post-mod, post-post-mod, post-post-mod-mod, however you wish to categorize it, it is the same. Voidism, the procedure, action, and/or representation of an idea which lacks transcendent purpose, acute craft in its manifestation, and/or relevance to contemporary application.

This, performance reminds me of a Bible verse actually that I believe sheds light on why shallow and deceptive adherents of “art” believe what they believe about, art.

…”just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind”… (Romans 1:28)

Enjoy the, show: