Aesthetic Experiential Sciences: Walking Stick Series (cont’d)

Experience. What is it? What do we hope to gain from so called good experiences? Said good experiences is a product of consumerism isn’t it? Ever enter a drawing to win a really nice vehicle? What a good experience it would be to win right? Well, I entered one over Christmas in a mall during our visit back in the U.S. during Christmas and I received a phone call on my Skype number yesterday to inform me my name had been drawn for a free trip to Jamaica. 

Not really the experience I was hoping for but I’ll take it, possibly. I learned the business displaying the vehicle wasn’t a dealership but rather a travel agency. Guess I better start reading the fine print huh? They are hoping to provide me, allegedly, with a good experience so I will use them when we plan vacations in the future. For their sake, I hope they don’t rely on credit card numbers because my family and I only use cash.

Walking Stick is a study on orchestrating subtle, or rather, good aesthetic experiences and paradoxes by situating a cast iron stick in settings both complimentary and out of context as a way to represent that despite ones philosophy, we all desire beauty and typically pursue it via aesthetic experience as a means of attaining some degree of fulfillment beyond routines we bound ourselves by.

Stick & Stone Alone In A Cold Communist Country

Stick & Stone Sitting Along Lead Based Painted Wall For Whose Sake?

Sometimes Things Work Out Better When They Are Turned Upside Down

The Power Of Placebo 


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