Bisphenol -A (aka, BPA)- Free? 

Bread & Paper Clips 

 I was walking to the university I am currently teaching at today and noticed the plethora of beautiful things I would love to gather and bring back to my studio, but something stopped me, a realization.

For some reason I have never really taken notice of all the plastic in my life until recently. Knowing there are harmful chemicals in a lot of it such as BPA which has been shown to cause cancer and rapid hormone growth in kids leading to things like early puberty, I cannot continue to justify continuing to use plastic, at least not for serving food. We have a one year old who is in the process of having her plastic removed. It’s a huge job because BPA-Free baby food products are very difficult to find, especially where we live in Asia.

This work is more or less a meditative piece contemplating the dangers of common materials such as BPA-based plastic and trying to orchestrate a plan to truly become BPA-Free. The bread represents a basic necessity of life, food, whereas the paper clips represent a dichotomy in how we use them as a safeguard to keep our one year old out of kitchen floor cabinets that are full of potentially BPA laden plastic bought in a previous life.

Here’s a link to begin your own research on BPA.


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