The Genesis of a New Body of Work

I haven’t made a body of work for the past 10 years. This past decade has been a kind of walk-about so to speak where I tried different careers, started a family, and lived abroad in Asia. But of course I never stopped thinking of new artistic endeavors. I just wasn’t setup to pursue my ideas whether it was due to lack of work space, time, finances, a need to change my kids diapers, or a mixture of them all.

But this time while back in the USA I had an idea that would allow me to engage in  my favorite material, clay; and one of my favorite processes, photography.

These images mark the Genesis of hopefully a new, complete body of work. The end product will be, for now anyway, large scale high definition images of works made in clay that are taken on sites related to the object(s) and ideas as they continue to form.


2016 Is OVER

2016 ended with a rough landing for my family to say the least. For us it ended with strep throat, croup cough, kidney stones, and a natural gas leak inside our home triggering the carbon monoxide detectors. This year also provided for us a few trips to the hospital, resulting in medical expenses of course, and squatters in one of our last rental properties were selling out of resulting in legal fees, of course.

Not an ideal transition into the new year, but we’ll take it because 2017 for us represents the hope of transitioning back into the life we feel called to back in Asia.