The Genesis of a New Body of Work

I haven’t made a body of work for the past 10 years. This past decade has been a kind of walk-about so to speak where I tried different careers, started a family, and lived abroad in Asia. But of course I never stopped thinking of new artistic endeavors. I just wasn’t setup to pursue my ideas whether it was due to lack of work space, time, finances, a need to change my kids diapers, or a mixture of them all.

But this time while back in the USA I had an idea that would allow me to engage in  my favorite material, clay; and one of my favorite processes, photography.

These images mark the Genesis of hopefully a new, complete body of work. The end product will be, for now anyway, large scale high definition images of works made in clay that are taken on sites related to the object(s) and ideas as they continue to form.


2016 Is OVER

2016 ended with a rough landing for my family to say the least. For us it ended with strep throat, croup cough, kidney stones, and a natural gas leak inside our home triggering the carbon monoxide detectors. This year also provided for us a few trips to the hospital, resulting in medical expenses of course, and squatters in one of our last rental properties were selling out of resulting in legal fees, of course.

Not an ideal transition into the new year, but we’ll take it because 2017 for us represents the hope of transitioning back into the life we feel called to back in Asia.

Humboldt Summer & Election 2016


The heat laden summers of Humboldt, Tennessee wear you like a thick winter coat in a sauna. Like too many small towns across this country, Humboldt seems to have become a remnant of a more productive time and era. Storefronts that were once covered by the vinyl siding of the 80’s is falling off exposing bricks made on site close to 100 years ago. Some have made attempts at rejuvenating this Main Street with clothing stores and restaurants, in so doing adding a couple more decades of life to them possibly, but the only things that seem to stick around are fast cash advance and title loan businesses. The other buildings sit like stoic ruins badly camouflaged by outdated building materials.

The rest of town is occupied by housing sustained by those receiving government benefits or those living on their own retirement resulting in a very idle, near extinct workforce. The drive to make money died some time ago here for the majority of a once driven people. For too many under the age of 40 exists an acceptance of normalcy for apathy towards earning a living and providing for ones own family. Unfortunately it appears most of those who receive government benefits also seem to be members of broken families whose parents have had multiple partners and several children from different partners.

It’s not uncommon, like many places in the country, to see 5 or more children walking down the street in groups, minus a parent or adult figure. It frightens me being a parent to think about toddlers walking down the road with the oldest in arms reach being only 6-8 years old. Adults convene under shade trees or covered porches and glare statue like as you drive past.

The busiest place in town is of course the local one-stop-shop for all of your clothing, grocery, pharmaceutical, and lawn care & garden needs, Walmart. The sole proprietors who have survived up until now are nothing short of miracles. Among the immovable are a jeweler, somehow a few real estate agencies, a pharmacist, a dentist, a used car dealer or two, a lumber yard, expectantly, lawyers, and of course cash advances and a bank or two.

For dining out you have an array of options such as the omniscient McDonald’s, the new to town Hardee’s, Taco Bell, and a few local staples, one of which thankfully is a BBQ pit, and a great one at that, commonly known as Sam’s to the locals.

About 8 years ago or so the previous mayor helped orchestrate funding for a sister campus of a community college that is headquartered in a neighboring town. But who knows how it is doing now. There’s not any talk of it. One would hope a college would be a little caffeine to a sleepy town, even if it is a sister campus of a community college. But it looks like whatever college crowd that might exist within its walls don’t drink coffee and unfortunately has the appearance of taking the route common to too many endeavors in a place presumably heavily subsidized by government.

A lot of people put their hope into the influence of the Office of the President of the United States of America. It’s hard to truly put hope into our current presidential candidates, so the people here will vote for, given they vote, for the party they always vote for. While both candidates appeal to their constituents in this area, it appears to divide more than unite. And as a result is more of detriment than a benefit for our town and country. If Hillary Clinton wins it can be confidently suspected guns sales will go out the roof and one might do well to open a gun store here, at least while they’re legal, right? Those who receive government benefits will also be relieved their money will keep coming in, and possibly even increase. If Donald Trump wins, the entrepreneurs and real estate agents will be a little pumped in hopes of sales increasing in their respectful industries, while anxiety cultivates among the dependents of benefits out of speculation what will come of their money.

Either way one sect will be living in a world of increasing anxiety for the next 4 years. Truth be told, we all would benefit by adopting a get-through-it mindset for the next 4 years, and hope for a more conducive, unifying candidate in 2020.


Art That Is True Will Be Addressing Several Things Today…

truth Orwell

Art that is true will be addressing several current issues of the day. Before addressing some of these issues, let’s first identify the 2 primary approaches art should use when it is intentionally “true.” (And by true, I mean clearly one of the following.)

  1. Art approaches a cultural, societal, or personal issue from an intentionally biased perspective with the primary intention at persuading others towards his/her position on a particular issue.
  2. Art attempts to address an issue from an unbiased perspective like we would hope a free press would to provide the facts of an issue so the people would be able to arrive at their own conclusions without the intent of being persuaded.

Much of art, like the free press, attempts to firstly persuade rather than firstly inform. It might not be a problem if either our free press or the majority of the art world were majorly unbiased and just presented the facts. But the problem is the majority of our sources of information seek to persuade. It might not be a problem if the loudest and most influential voices were not significantly against the Judeo-Christian foundations of the country.

Socialism v Capitalism

To remember, it was the Judeo-Christian foundation that led to the emancipation of slavery, to civil rights for blacks and women, and still is a harbor of religious freedom despite Christians specifically being the target of attacks, most recently the Christian students in Oregon that received minimal media attention compared to the Black Lives Matter coverage.

The question is not so much why the slant in coverage, but what is the agenda, who is behind it, and what is the goal?

The country is moving deeper into Socialism as seen in an increase in support for Socialist Presidential Candidate, Bernie Sanders. People spend more due diligence buying a car than they do on considering changing the form of their government and will be why they may one day be remembering the days of old when they could buy a car without the permission of their government.

My fear is that unbiased art and media coverage will come to late, if at all. We will be looking at this information in the form of history, as a memory of what used to be.

mainstream media

The Love of Money Leads To The End of the World, & It Appears to be Close. (I Hope I’m Wrong)

racist from the beginning & not slowing down, but actually aborting more black babies than any other

racist from the beginning & not slowing down, but actually aborting more black babies than any other

Planned Parenthood has killed over 10 times as many as the Nazi's did of Jews

Planned Parenthood has killed over 10 times as many as the Nazi’s did of Jews

So much has happened in America & the world at large this year, it is quite numbing to try to keep up. From The Supreme Court violating Constitutional boundaries by re-defining a religious institution into a secular one, to Barack Obama’s Iran deal that seems to put Israel along with the rest of the globe in a worse position due to nuclear potential, to Planned Parenthood being exposed for selling and negotiating aborted babies, it is one shock after another to say the least.

May God have mercy on us.

For those that believe in God, specifically the God of the Bible, all of these events are not too surprising because they are prophesied, but with them happening in this lifetime, they still cause me pause.

It appears to me that civil unrest is in the near future, for America most assuredly. When I think about the number of people and guns in the U.S., I can only imagine how bloody civil unrest will become when it turns into uncivil-unrest.

I hope I am wrong.

Politicians seem to be increasing in corruption.

Corporations funding the genocide of babies.

Nations’ leaders operate outside the laws of the land.

I don’t dare ask, “can it get worse,” because I know it can and unfortunately it seems most people are oblivious to what is going on around them due to pursuits of pleasure and convenience.


source(s): 39 Companies That Donate to Planned Parenthood

9/11:When We Were Sucker-Punched. 6/26: When The U.S. Officially Became A Dictatorship. SCOTUS Abrogates Its Authority By By-Passing Congress To Make Same-Sex Marriage Law

supreme court despots

As an artist and Christian, I can’t ignore cultural issues, especially when they directly address my religion. One can’t expect religious adherents to not respond to this Supreme Court ruling when it redefines a facet of a religion, or attempts to. Actually if you are a Christian, or a Jew, Leviticus  5 : 1  says it is a sin NOT to say something if/when you see something done that is wrong. (Check Leviticus 5:1)

(And yes, I know it says to stone people when they do this or that, and not to eat bacon, BUT you’re reading that out of context and need to research its context before using those references as support in a debate. ) 

Anyway, I find it violating that a panel of unelected judges have redefined something they never originally defined in the first place, even if it is only legislatively and in word. 

As a Christian, it is like a secular institution redefining the Eucharist (if you’re Catholic), or Sawm (if you’re Muslim, sawm is the practice of fasting during Ramadan), or what is and is not Kosher (if you’re Jewish).

A government has no place in defining what is and is not marriage since it never defined it in the first place. If one is pursuing this case to attain a certificate of marriage, my question to you is,

…do you really need a government issued certificate (that we happen to call a “Marriage Certificate”) to validate your love? 

I understand a same-sex couple wanting equal tax/financial/other economic rights as a heterosexual couple, and if that is their purpose, even if in part, then that should’ve been the fight, not redefining religious institutions.

Saying marriage is no longer a religious institution but is rather governmentally defined and is hereby and forever more defined by government is an encroachment and violation of religious liberty and in so doing our government has just abrogated its authority in this area and hereby should be ignored, resisted, and fought back against if/when they attempt to arrest those who do not abide by this unconstitutional dictate.

Likewise churches, mosques, and temples whose congregations ascribe to the origin of marriage being defined by God and not government should never, ever compromise their belief by allowing their places of worship to be used in any way that compromises the belief of their religion.

This ruling on 6/26/2015 grants same-sex couples the “right” to unite via a government issued certificate, but in the original context of marriage, the definition of marriage is sacrosanct and unalterable by mankind when it is defined by a holy and truly omniscient Being, God.  

Now if you don’t believe in God, I’m not talking to you here. You’re doing exactly what I believe you would be trying to do to religion, secularizing it, then obliterating it.

But understand I aim to defend the persecuted, religious rights, and in this case, marriage as God has ordained it, until the day I die. Keep in mind, religion has maintained its existence through the most difficult places and times in history, and in many many cases, grows under persecution.  

Our culture did not define marriage. It comes from eons ago by the first male and female man and woman united by God, and as such you should expect responses from Christians and other religious followers when culture attempts to re-orchestrate a component of said faith that predates any government. 

It hasn’t happened yet, but in light of Christian bakers, photographers, and the like, being sued for practicing their faith by not celebrating same-sex marriage via baking a wedding cake or whatever, soon churches, mosques, and temples will also be sued for not allowing same-sex marriages to be held at their facilities.

We must be ready. We must remain steadfast to God and His Word, the Holy Bible.  

By allowing and agreeing that a panel of unelected lawyers can make laws, you agree to a panel of dictators that can, and will, define many other things in the future fast coming. 

Those with their heads on their shoulders know this panel of dictators is most definitely NOT Constitutional, but knowing this and responding to it are 2 very different things. 

Some believers will cower and say,

“This decision to redefine marriage will not affect me.”

“Look, let them marry, it’ll all be okay bruh. They don’t mean any harm.”

Same-sex couples think a right has been won when in fact we have all acquiesced to a panel of unelected judges to dictate what is and is not law.

I have news for you: THAT IS CONGRESS’ JOB.

By using the guise of being in our best interest, our rights and sovereignty are all but becoming erased. Mark my words, soon churches will be sued because they restrict their facilities for member-use-only, then religious followers will be fined and jailed for saying they disagree with the lifestyle despite having a First Amendment, then it will be required to register your place of worship with the State just like Socialist and Communist countries require.

We’ve slid down the slippery slope culturally, so be ready to hear arguments for adults pleading to allow them to marry minors, people choosing to marry animals, trees, and bridge

woman marries bridge

That last one happened a couple of years ago in France, but who are we to say what is and isn’t marriage, right?

I suppose while there is relatively little recourse for sharing my mind, I’ll continue to share it at least until I get jailed for speak freely. 

If this isn’t a wake-up call for Christians and other religious followers, you’re deep sleep may be your death. Hopefully this unilateral, unconstitutional, dictatoresque violation will be a loud enough call to wake-up religious followers and exercise civil disobedience and get very acquainted with their Scriptures.

While we Christians are called to be ambassadors of God’s love, this doesn’t mean to be conforming to a cultural ethics code of relativity. The first Christians were thrown to the lions for exercising Civil Disobedience. Recently, Christians in Kenya were murdered by Muslims for exercising Civil Disobedience.  

Muslims kill Christians

We Christians in America have been fortunate to not experience intense persecution like so many throughout the world. Our persecution has been primarily nonphysical here in the U.S., but Scripture warns us it will get worse. 

gay parade 6-28

We need to love our enemies and be praying God would enable them (Jn 6) to understand His Truth, and when bullied or otherwise, respond like Friar Jonathan Morris of New York City did when he was spat on (#lovewins???) during a gay day parade, basically turning the other cheek. 

Will Globalization Eradicate Cultural Identities?

No doubt the world is increasingly becoming less homogenous and more heterogenous with globalization. While this in itself is not a bad thing, there is the law of unintended consequences to be aware of. One might say it is counting the costs. 

What are we loosing in the process of the world becoming globalized? 

Culture and ethnicity. Is that bad? Not entirely, but it’s not necessarily all good either if you think that the world having distinct races and cultures is also a good feature of our human race.

What am I saying here? Should we stop globalization? 

First, what I mean here by globalization is (in the undetermined future) a push for a one world way of life where there is the same rule of law for all places led by a one world government that conglomerates all nations into a singular one world nation.

To ask the question again, should it be stopped? Yes. And no. 

No. I don’t think we should stop allowing people to freely travel, and intermarry with other races and all that (as if it could happen anyway, nor should it as it is unethical), absolutely not.

Yes. I think globalization fully realized results in things referenced in the definition above, as well as an eradication of subcultures that contribute to our distinct human diversity. 

I am also interested in the question led to by the above,

how can cultures hold onto their cultural identities and characteristics as the world continues to become more heterogenous via globalization? 

And, is it even important for cultures to hold onto their identities and characteristics for better or worse? 

There is a strong push in the United States to make all things secular. Latest example is regarding religious people not being able to express their values and message by what they do for a living and what they make, or choose not to make, as artisans for example, such as bakers. One cannot say they are for diversity if they are against any one component of a culture like religion. If so, they are really,… religionists (my word for being a racist against those of a religion). 

If someone can sue a baker for choosing to not bake them a cake for whatever reason, it can lead to one being able to sue anyone who makes a living as an artisan or artist such as a musician or painter or sculptor, et cetera, who says they choose to not say, write a song celebrating a certain type of lifestyle such as same-sex marriage, or suing an atheist for not writing a worship song to God. (Yeah, we know the pendulum only swings one way on this matter, atheist songwriters, fear not, at least about writing worship songs.)

But the point here is, are we ready to continue down the road towards a secular world monoculture where distinct cultures composed of a myriad of religions and ethnicities contribute to true diversity? Where I live is currently very homogenous (Asia), and I am thankful for that because I am able to experience a different way of life. I am not trying to impose my way of thinking on anyone else, and nor are they trying to do that to me. But back home in the U.S., globalization is taking place and in its process cultural distinction will be lost, for better or worse.

I think for worse.